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I'm Erick and I run ApexCode - a one-man web agency that designs, develops and maintains business web applications using Laravel, Livewire, AlpineJS, and TailwindCSS.

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Recent Work

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Microfinance Banking System


Developed and currently maintaining DUT Credit Microfinance Banking System. The system has several modules and integrations, including: User Management, Loan Management, Accounting, Financial Reporting, USSD Technology, MPESA Integration, and more.

"Erick's development and maintenance of the DUT Credit Microfinance Banking System is top-notch. The system is comprehensive, user-friendly, and innovative, with impressive integrations like MPESA and USSD. Their work has significantly enhanced our operations and decision-making, making them a highly recommended partner in the microfinance sector."

Dan Kamau – Executive Trustee, Diaspora Trust
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Car Rental Platform


Haraaca serves as a comprehensive car rental platform, bridging the gap between users and a vast assortment of rental cars. This dynamic platform empowers users to generate income by renting out their own vehicles. Built with scalability at the forefront, Haraaca is designed to operate seamlessly across multiple countries.

Advanced Search Algorithm.
Built a search algorithm that matches users with cars based on their unique preferences, providing an optimized and personalized user experience.
Secure Payment Gateway.
Built a secure and seamless payment gateway, allowing users to transact with confidence, enhancing trust.
Scalable Architecture.
Built on a scalable architecture, for efficient expansions, which is useful as the platform will operate across multiple countries.
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