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Case Study


DUT Credit's missions is to harness Diaspora and Communities resources, to achieve their economic and social rights through credit products that progressively advance Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.

My goal was to create a landing page that would clearly show their mission and build a finance system that will help in achieving their vision of credit loans for jobs creation, houses development and GDP growth.

Both the landing page and the finance system are built with the TALL (Tailwind, AlpineJS, Laravel and Livewire). The finance system is developed with modularity in mind, making it easy to add-on more features as needed in the future. The system's main features include:

  • Loan Management
  • Share Capital Management
  • Mpesa B2C and C2B Integration
  • USSD Integration
  • Bulk SMS Integration
  • Investment Accounts Management
  • Capital Accounts Management
  • Financial Reports Generation

I am confident that the solutions I provided are a road to success for DUTCREDIT. The landing page communicates clearly the Missions and Vision for the company and the finance system is able to increase the productivity of the staff at DUTCREDIT.