Laravel Support Plan

On-demand support for your laravel web application, including design, frequent updates, technical support, and custom development, including additional features.

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Laravel Support Plan

Monthly Subscription

Laravel Monthly Subscription is designed to help business owners and marketing teams manage their laravel web development needs as and when they need it, without the burden of hefty fixed-prices, long term contracts, or a laravel web developer salary. A large amount of your business daily workflow can now be automated. With me focused on automation and making sure your web applications are running smooth and always updated, this will stop you from spending your time completing tedious, manual tasks and focus on other parts of your business.

What's included

I have listed benefits and services, which are most requested by clients, please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have a specific project in mind.

Unlimited requests

Submit as many Development requests as you need, and I’ll work in your order of priority.

Unlimited revisions

When I say unlimited, I really mean unlimited, ensuring I’ll never have to compromise again.

Super-fast turnarounds

Once I’ve received your request, I aim to get to work within 24-48h depending on the task of cause.

More for your money

Get more work completed with the hourly discounts on your booked hours.

One flat-monthly rate

Never worry about prices or Developer salaries. I’ll always let you know if we’re close to completing monthly hours.

100% ownership

All of the work I create under the monthly subscriptions are fully owned by you. I’ll always give you source files and finished files upon sign-off.

Fullstack Development

I do fullstack development, which means during the support plan you can ask for Frontend, and Backend changes.

Content Changes

You can request as many content updates as you wish & ask as many questions as you like.

Simple Pricing

Hire a part-time Laravel Developer for your team (no contract needed).

Laravel Monthly Subscription

Proactive keeping up with new Laravel features. Guaranteed hours every week. Priority support. Pause or cancel your subscription at any time. If you want to chat before paying, please set up a free 15-minute call to go through your plans and ideas.

What's included

  • 64hrs Per Month

  • FullStack Laravel Development

  • Unlimited Requests

  • Unlimited Revisions

$1,500 USD

40% Discount On Hourly Rate

Frequently asked questions

How does the subscription work?
A subscription guarantees you hours of work month, making the subscription a great option if you have ongoing maintenance, support or development, or if you want to hire a part-time Laravel team member.
Can you work on multiple sites for me?
Yes! The subscription can be used on any number of sites. As they are based upon hours worked, they are not restricted to specific sites.