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Case Study


Haraaca is a car rental platform that connects users to a wide range of cars to rent from. Haraaca also allows user to be able to earn money by renting out their cars.

The challenge was not only to create a web application that is visual stunning but also to ensure that the company sets itself apart of the competition. My focus was on functionality, to make sure the users of Haraaca found the perfect cars to higher easily, without any effort.

Haraaca being a car sharing marketplace, the functionality had to be extended to form a vibrant community of trusted host across the country.

Haraaca was built using ReactJS on the frontend and Laravel as the backend, with scalability in mind.

I was able to help Haraaca become one of the best car sharing platforms. For people flying in from afar or looking for a car down the street, searching for a rugged truck or something smooth and swanky, guests can take the wheel of the perfect car for any occasion, while hosts can take the wheel of their futures by building an accessible, flexible, and scalable car sharing business from the ground up.